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Hi! We're Homie Hospitality, collectively Ryan and Ashley of Farm Spirit & Dave and Autumn of Such and Such Farm. The idea of Homie Hospitality is simple: to bring people together by connecting them to their food source in a true farm-to-table dining experience.

Each dinner features ingredients that are grown or raised at the farm, typically within 300 feet of the dining room! More than just produce and proteins, even the floral decor for the tables and wood for the fires are sourced from the farm as well. During cocktail hour, we invite guests to explore the farm and see where their food comes from.  Guests are encouraged to walk the garden, pet the goats, visit with the pigs and take in the sights and ambiance of the farm. Every dinner is cooked over a live, wood fire that's on display behind our prep kitchen. Not only can guests see where their food comes from, but they can watch it being cooked too! 

What makes our team extra special is that our front of house and back of house staff are very well rounded in the farming and hospitality industry. We are chefs, farmers, sommeliers, foragers, craftsmen and butchers. Our team is very excited to share their passion and wealth of knowledge with our diners and guests! 

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To learn more about us and our philosophy, check out our episode of tasteMAKERS, available on PBS.

Our Team

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